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Extra Room or Couch?

Have an extra room or couch rent it out on AirBNB.com

How it works

sublet your place and make money

fix up the room and post
room get money
airbnb puts money in your account
there is insurnace

What to do (maybe extra for this)

1 change sheets
2 clean room and bathroom
3 lock rooms
4 where to get linen purchase cheap
5 have rules written out

AirBNBHomeAway, and FlipKey 

tips and tricks on how to do it experiences (join for tip and tricks)

Hey while they are at your place consider the following

1 Make Food for them extra like bed and breakfast you’re making food for yourself

2 Rent out your bike (link here)

3 Rent out your car (link here)

4 Be a travel guide drive them around (http://www.MakeMoolah.com/be-a-local-personal-tour-guide/)

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