Iustdigne Similiqe
Cobise Eligeotio

At veroetusam ustdigne imos similique cobis dolo eligenuoptio lorem.


Sell online

where can you purchase items?

1 bulk purchase
have you seen those coupon unlimited buy one get one free or buy one for 1c and you see, super couponing what do you think you can do with all those items? Well go sell them 1/2 price at a flea market or garage sale

2 garage sales sell your stuff in the house extra

3 thrift stores purchase at thrift stores

what to purchase and sell

1 see what is selling

2 see what you can purchase

I saw burberry and other high ticketed items sold in thrift store and sold online I was speaking to the worker at the door who pointed to me the people in line come very week and drive in their mercedes car

3 put a design on product or a slogan on merchandise like t-shirts, bags etc and make money form cafepress.com

a where to get design hire a designer or from fiver

b learn to design yourself learn from sites like lynda (get the program online free from xxx or the public library)


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