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Cobise Eligeotio

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Save Moolah

Save Moolah as  A penny saved is a penny earned

if you’re not spending it it’s like making money

thrist stores, garage sales, make food yourself
why pay full price?
Why spending more money if you do not need to? Making the other person wealthy?

Some reason

Good Reason to Pay more

Ethical and Moral Reasons

You want to pay people a living wage around you. We do not have slavery because it’s wrong. We pay more so people around us need to making a decent living. As you so *see video)

We do not want to purchase items because of children making the items. Links to this

Practical Reasons

Convenience. We are in a hurry or want to do it temporarily

Too difficult to do such as making croissants damn they are bitch to make or delicious cakes. Unless you do not mind in cleaning the mess in the kitchen.

Bad Reasons to pay more

1 Paying more money than we need to. Why pay for something in a convenience store that across the street may take an extra minute and save money?

2 If we have the money why pay for it? Pay in bulk and  store it. Like toilet paper and items that will be used that do not expire in time


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