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Thinking about taking a vacation?

Maybe somewhere outside the country? Europe, Asia? You’re probably scouring your go-to travel sites for the cheapest deals. More websites are being created and utilized every day to find cheap and non-stop flights.
1 SkyScanner shows you multiple days. Search through a full calendar or select the cheapest month to travel.
2 Google Flights is another option, though it changes frequently so you must refresh the page often to get new results.
3 Companies like Kayak, Orbitz,Momondo, Expedia, Cheapflights, and Easy Jet are all options.
SkipLagged saves people up to 80% on the cost of their ticket. The website has an algorithm to find what flight has a layover stop between two cities and it sells you the ticket to that destination. The flight stops halfway, where you get off, and then you continue to the end destination, just no checked-in luggage because it goes to the end destination.
Example scenario: Let’s say you’re trying to get to Washington D.C. and the flight from Chicago to D.C. direct is normally $400. However, SkipLagged finds a flight from Chicago to New York City with a layover in D.C. for $200. When the plane arrives at D.C., you simply get off the plane and let it continue to New York City. The only thing you must make sure of is that you do not check any luggage, otherwise it will end up in the final destination without you.
If you want to get away last minute, great deals can be found on Secret Flying and TheFlightDeal.
Get price alerts and changes at sites like FareCompare and check out AirFareWatchDog.
Standby is also an option. American Airlines, for instance, offers standby passengers an empty seat if they have seats available on a flight. They are often a very good deal. Read this Wikipedia article to learn more about it.
Some general practices to keep in mind when looking for tickets
  1. Compare websites online
  2. Travel in the early morning or very late at night
  3. Certain days are better than other to travel, such as Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday
  4. Always make sure to book at least 21 days in advance or longer, most airlines have a few seats they have as low cost seats. These seats go quickly so grab them before they are disappear.
  5. Sometimes it is best to book a flight at 3 PM CST on a Tuesday, that is typically when prices are set.
Even more traveling tips can be found in this article.
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